6 May

Fireplace in the nobleman's winter apartment.

kamina asukoht, kamin korterisse
Ready fireplace for Toompea.

Masterful layout of the rooms made it possible to fit a fireplace in the corner of the living room. Due to the limited space, some more land had to be added to the hearth from the back wall. We compensated for the small cross-sectional medieval chimney flue and narrow bogey with an optimised Rumford pharynx section, which ensures sufficient traction even in these limited conditions.

The contents of the fireplace are laid out of Finnish soapstone (delivery Lappiuuni OY)

Architects and interior design: Marje Luhalaid and Andrei Dvorjaninov; original strut ornaments made of plaster: architects Valeri and Julia Kononov (Hermitage), furniture Luxor.

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