Artificial intelligence is taking over

Flower vase, flower vase
Artificial intelligence helps design:

We gave artificial intelligence the task of designing a flower vase in a classic style.

With moderate tips, we directed AI on a constructive path, asked to remove artistic exaggerations (too much decorations, please more simple, good!)

The results are in front of you, we will put the beautiful model to work immediately.

In the future, we plan to run several of our more complex projects through AI to get a dispassionate side view. In our example, a machine rebellion could cause significant damage in the future.


Reincarnation by Andrea Palladio in Nordic crispness

A beautiful villa is under construction, for which it was an honour and pleasure to prepare and install dolomite façade parts and masonry elements.

Architect: Allan Strus

Customer: Private person

balustrade, cover plate, dolomite, staircase, fireplace, pillar balustrade, cover plate, dolomite, staircase, fireplace balustrade, cover plate, dolomite, staircase, fireplace

The inner beauty of the stone is exposed. Also the base blocks of the temple of Jupiter in Baalbek are Mr. Affordable for Martin: that's where the pillars come from.balustrade, dolomite, staircase, fireplace

Paide Gymnasium steps

Paide Gymnasium moved to the thoroughly restored Girls' School building built in 1902.

The classic old and modern new school district creates a dynamic whole on the slope of the ancient wall hill.

Gildemann made a new main staircase and internal stairs.

Client: Megaron-E AS, mr. Rando Lillemets

Paide Gymnasium steps

The architectural competition of Paide State Gymnasium, which ended in the summer of 2019, was won by salto architectural bureau (authors Maarja Kask, Ralf Lõoke, Martin McLean).

The gymnasium is planned for 252 students and the study is divided between two parts of different natures and designs – a beautiful historical girls' gymnasium building from the beginning of the 20th century and half an extension of the "sunken" slope of Vallimäe. The biggest interest of the National Heritage Board is to get life, activity and constant use into the Old Town. There is no greater danger to the survival of the house than emptying. In addition, preference is given to such architecture, where it is clearly legible, what is authentic and historical, and that is new and modern. In other words, new buildings are more than welcome in the Old Town, it is simply important that it does not dominate too much and does not overshadow the protected old environment.

The new state gymnasium follows all this and represents very high-quality modern architecture. Salto architects are known for their sensitive solutions, and even now they have divided the volume of the building into three gradually ascending parts, added a sloping roof to each of them in different directions and thereby visually reduced the building. The style is minimalistic but clever, leaving enough air and natural light indoors and a multi-use active space in the outdoor space, which remains open to all citizens and is an excellent addition to paide public space.

Elo Kiivet, Paide city architect

 Paide-Gymnasium stairs

The President's Rose Garden Balustrade

The President of the Republic and guests can breathe more boldly again: we prepared and installed new details on the broken balustrade in the rose garden;

The rest of the balustrade also underwent a refurbishment- we cleaned, strengthened.

Client: Office of the President of the Republic, Mr. Inno Miller.

Renovated stone stairs and new floors of Kopli lines

The renovation of the stone structures of the second part of the Kopli lines was completed. In total, we restored nine houses with 990 stairs and 486m2 floor tiles. In the historical environment, the inhabitants are guaranteed a modern environment and clean nature.

Unfortunately, some renovated interiors also closed some wonderful perspectives.

Client: Fund Ehitus OÜ

kivitrepp, välistrepp, trepiastmed põrandaplaadidkivitrepp, välistrepp, trepiastmed kopli liiinid

Pärnu Elisabet Church

The right tower of The Elisabet Church in Pärnu lacked a stone. Fortunately, the left one was preserved, on the basis of which we made a new detail. According to the agreement, time will deal with the aging of the new detail.

Client: Prev OÜ



dolomite stone

The altar and baptismal stone of St. John the Baptist Church in Kärdla

The church of St. John the Baptist of Kärdla was renovated.

We renovated the altar, making a new altarpiece. On the altar we recessed five crosses /as an example of the protective signs of the Church of the Flock on the walls of the building/

We made a new baptismal font.

We would like to thank the kind and very helpful church congregation and leader Tiit Harjak.

Architect of the restoration works: interior architect Ulla Kerge /

Customer, restoration manager and initiator: Enn Kunila

More specifically:




A new 5-axis CNC Sassomeccanica stone saw arrived from Italy.

With the help of the ARIB, we have acquired a new stone saw.

Gildemann Stone Fries PRIA

The investment support measure for diversifying economic activities in rural areas supported our investment in new technology.

Sassomeccanica K600 stone saw multiplies the production speed of our factory and enriches production opportunities by taking our production to a whole new level.

The possibility of applying reliefs and texts to stone is added, which opens up a completely new product area in the field of memorial plaques, street signs, stone copies and souvenirs.

The new stone saw helps to exponentially increase the production of stone construction parts by enriching the product portfolio with the ability to quickly manufacture precise and complex parts.

stone saw Gildemann

Specifically on the manufacturer's page:

We design a room dominance from a simple oven

The fireplace and stove are the heart of our home.

We want him to be harmoniously connected to our home, to our lifestyle, to the whole rhythm of our lives, to have something of us in him;

A powerful flow of energy radiates from the fireplace and oven into our living place, it is important what look and color it is.

Does he amplify our thoughts and desires with his warmth like a good friend?

We add project images of the rebirth variants of one simple soapstone fireplace.

The good news is that together we can give each existing furnace a new lease of life, a whole new dynamic!

fireplace oven, fireplace, oven

Stone stairway to heaven

An ordinary staircase becomes a little unearthly if you add light to it;

This is easy to do, all you need is the following:

  • recesse a groove (led light) into the steps;
  • transport electrical power to each step;
  • install switches, sensors and automation;

It's worth seeing:

staircase, stairwell, paetrepp, dolomite staircase

Many thanks to the customer who wanted more light and beauty in his home.

Architect: Allan Strus AB

Subscriber: Private person

Restoration of the stone structures of kopli lines. Restored stairs and floor tiles.

paekivist astmete taastamine, paeastmete taastamine, renoveeriminepaekivist astmete taastamine, paeastmete taastamine, renoveerimine

A new life is emerging on the Kopli lines.

OÜ Fund Ehitus restores more than a century-old residential buildings in the ideal shape that the architect of the time did not dare to see in his dreams: spacious apartments with all the amenities, façade elements finished in detail, landscaping and, of course, public space, for which no resources have been saved. Children's playgrounds, pergolas, talk islanders connected by sidewalks end in the sea.

One can only imagine how pleasant it is for young families to walk here with their children and share the news with each other.

Gildemann's contribution to the project: we restored more than 200 other staircases and 150m2 limestone floors.

Architects of buildings: Apex Architectural Bureau


Kopli lines, restoration of paetrepps, restoration of limestone steps, restoration, restoration of limestone steps, restoration of limestone steps

Fireplace in the nobleman's winter apartment.

kamina asukoht, kamin korterisse
Ready fireplace for Toompea.

Masterful layout of the rooms made it possible to fit a fireplace in the corner of the living room. Due to the limited space, some more land had to be added to the hearth from the back wall. We compensated for the small cross-sectional medieval chimney flue and narrow bogey with an optimised Rumford pharynx section, which ensures sufficient traction even in these limited conditions.

The contents of the fireplace are laid out of Finnish soapstone (delivery Lappiuuni OY)

Architects and interior design: Marje Luhalaid and Andrei Dvorjaninov; original strut ornaments made of plaster: architects Valeri and Julia Kononov (Hermitage), furniture Luxor.

Subscriber: Private person

Flower vase for the garden- a new and voluminous model.

flower vase flower vase, garden platter, vase,

A new model of a flower vase was completed – voluminous and deep.

Often the desire of customers is a deeper and more voluminous flower vase.

High depth provides the plants with good rooting and moisture even on a hot summer day.

Inside, flower vases are protected by a binary protective layer, moisture-repellent wax on the outside.

It is high time to order vases from us for garden decoration – the planting time for flowers is already here.


Vision competition Härjapea river journey

We participated in the vision competition organised by the Tallinn City Government on the Härjapea River Route.

The aim of the vision competition was to find new ideas for celebrating the ancient Härjapea riverbed in tallinn's urban space.


dolomite, Bull's head, seating bench, park bench, flower vase, garden vasedolomite, Bull's head, seating bench, park bench, flower vase, garden vase dolomite, Bull's head, seating bench, park bench, flower vase, garden vase dolomite, Bull's head, seating bench, park bench, flower vase, garden vase dolomite, Bull's head, seating bench, park bench, flower vase, garden vase dolomite, Bull's head, seating bench, park bench, flower vase, garden vase

The river passing through the city started mills, swelled lakes, filled moats, gave drink to domestic animals, brought an emerging industry to its shores.
He formed a kind of backbone for the former human settlement in the vicinity of Tallinn, because life is still concentrated around water. Also in the disappearance of the river, it is interesting to look for his traces in the landscape.

We offered an architecton made of dolomite and metal for such a unifying visual dominance, which combines the functions of urban furniture, lighting, information board and sign.
It is an architecton on which you can not only rest your foot, but also follow the riverbed with your finger, perceive the movement of an ancient river in today's dynamic city; A person is often superficial, the mere text does not fascinate. When set in stone, there is a greater chance that the information transmitted is really worth understanding.

The general shape of the horizontal seating bench monitors the flow of Härjapea in the city and its intersection with modern streets and landmarks. The course of the Härjapea River has also been made understandable to the child and observable not as a regular upright information board, but as a horizontal one.

The seating bench part is heated by a heating cable to melt snow and ice. The load-bearing part of the bench is 10mm black metal, galvanized, painted, similarly treated text on a vertical pole. The text is illuminated in the background. All volumetric shapes on the stone are carried out on precise CNC machine tools.

As a material, we also use orgita light-toned dolomite, cold- and heat-resistant stone, which we mine here, as always during our 27 years of operation. For example, similarly, we also carried out dolomite platters and seating benches in the renovated Governor's Garden.

The described element at all Härjapea stops creates a uniform visual and identity. The vertical part of the architecton is noticeable in the landscape from afar, as a landmark invites you to take a closer look, take a closer look.

Then you can rest your feet and exchange ideas about the future and past of the city.


Härjapea riverbed in Tallinn

Härjapea riverbed in Tallinn

Governor's garden dolomite seating bench and flower platters

flower platter, flower vase, dolomite, fireplaceflower platter, flower vase, dolomite, fireplacestone bench, governor's garden flower platter, flower vase, dolomite, fireplace

We installed dolomite seating benches and flower platters in the Governor's Garden in Toompea.

The seating bench is electricly heated and illuminated in the dark with an LED strip.

Project: Hope Project LLC, arch. Kersti Hope / General contractor: Terrat OÜ /

Park design favors natural materials such as granite, dolomite and limestone, all these materials have also been used here.

All our dolomite products have proven their high quality during our 28 years of operation – they persist in the cold, rain and sun.

Renovation of limestone stairs in maakri historical quarter.

paekivist trepi renoveeriminepaekivist treppide renoveerimine
paekivist treppide renoveerimine
paekivist treppide renoveerimine taastamine

We restored the historic limestone stairs in the office complex in the Maakri quarter. The total volume of the stairs to be renovated is ca 300jm.We also installed new dolomite window sills and some new limestone stairs to replace the broken or missing ones.

Contracting authority: Olav Miil /Maakri Kvartal OÜ/, General contractor: Merko Ehitus AS, Arhitekt: Rasmus Tamme /Arsprojekt/.

stairs from the limestone limestone steps

Fireplace – the heart of the home, which also increases the value of real estate

Fireplace – the heart of the home, which also increases the value of real estate

The fireplace is undoubtedly one of the nicest things to do in a Nordic home when you think of a cold autumn evening or a winter Sunday morning. Or is it just a romantic notion, and in reality the fireplace is more of a hassle than a benefit? Let's take a look together at which rooms the fireplace could fit and what you should consider before installing the fireplace. It takes time and effort and a considerable amount of money to build it, so there's nothing you can do.


Today, the fireplace is no longer necessarily a large monster stacked with stones, which will forever take away a lot of space in the room. Of course, if the fireplace is located in a large room, it can easily be huge, but we want to say that there are a lot of different styles of fireplaces at the moment – both traditional and modern, bigger and smaller, the choice is yours.

We have been to a home where the sides of the fireplace were transparent and the fire was viewed from two rooms. When you decide on such beauty, you get two fireplaces with one effort, and by effort we mean putting the chimney and flues and things like that in place.


A disabled fireplace is very nice, but if you don't want to deal with the dirt and heating coming from the trees, the gas fireplace is just for you. In addition to having control over the excess wood crumbs, the gas fireplace can also control the height of the flame and when exactly the light goes on and goes out. It just doesn't work with a disability.

Another plus of a gas fireplace is that it can be installed higher than a traditional, tree-heated fireplace.

However, the gas-powered fireplace has one important minus in our opinion – the sound of cracking trees is not heard.


Unfortunately, we cannot say exactly how much the existence of a fireplace increases the value of real estate in Estonia, but in the USA, for example, it is claimed to be as much as 12%. Not bad? Estonian brokers also confirm that the fireplace is definitely a plus in the case of an apartment or house and increases its value.


The fireplace is not like a sofa or a dining table that is easy to move from one wall to another. Once it's in place, it'll be there for years to come. Think about how the fireplace feels best in the interior design and can the whole family still enjoy its swells if they wish?

And maybe the builder doesn't agree with your plans at all, and technically it's not possible to install a fireplace everywhere. That is why, already at the earliest possible stage of construction or a thorough renovation, it is necessary to think through what should be the appearance of the fireplace, the principle of operation and other technical peculiarities.


Such solutions are possible, check with fireplace sellers. There are a variety of heat-storing fireplaces, such as pursuika-type fireplaces, which can look very acute today.


On cool autumn evenings, sitting on a fireplace fire in the fresh air is still an experience in itself. That's probably why the fireplaces built on the terrace are becoming more and more popular.


Of course it could! If you are planning a major kitchen renovation and you miss the feeling of a farm kitchen in your kitchen, then consider installing a fireplace there. In addition to the pleasant feeling that a live fire gives you, you may also benefit more from a kitchen fireplace if you install, for example, barbecue equipment or even a hook in it, on which you can make a delicious stew with a large pot. Well, and then, of course, it is still possible to combine the fireplace with a bread oven. Ahh, we can already smell fresh bread…


Anyone who's ever had a fire pit in the bedroom knows what we're talking about. Romance takes on new dimensions. Maybe you should introduce this idea to your husband.

If you live in a house, and there is already a fireplace on the lower floor, then installing a fireplace on the second floor above it will no longer be so difficult.


There's still one that doesn't. It can be an eternal scourge when smoke is inhaled or cannot be used for any other reason. Then it is only good to burn candles inside, which, by the way, can be done in any fireplace, if you do not bother to rebel with a tree or it is a more summery time when making a fire does not seem like a good idea.

Sometimes they want to get rid of the fireplace even in a small home, where there is already little storage or wall space. In general, however, we think that when the fireplace is in working order, there is still more joy than trouble from it.

Started craving live fire?

This article caught the eye of arco vara's website. We think that those engaged in real estate have given a very good and essential overview of the topics related to the fireplace;

The fact that the fireplace, in addition to other benefits, incomprehensiblely increases the monetary value of the property is good news for everyone – both the customers and the makers of the fireplace!