12 Dec

Paide Gymnasium steps

Paide Gymnasium moved to the thoroughly restored Girls' School building built in 1902.

The classic old and modern new school district creates a dynamic whole on the slope of the ancient wall hill.

Gildemann made a new main staircase and internal stairs.

Client: Megaron-E AS, mr. Rando Lillemets

Paide Gymnasium steps

The architectural competition of Paide State Gymnasium, which ended in the summer of 2019, was won by salto architectural bureau (authors Maarja Kask, Ralf Lõoke, Martin McLean).

The gymnasium is planned for 252 students and the study is divided between two parts of different natures and designs – a beautiful historical girls' gymnasium building from the beginning of the 20th century and half an extension of the "sunken" slope of Vallimäe. The biggest interest of the National Heritage Board is to get life, activity and constant use into the Old Town. There is no greater danger to the survival of the house than emptying. In addition, preference is given to such architecture, where it is clearly legible, what is authentic and historical, and that is new and modern. In other words, new buildings are more than welcome in the Old Town, it is simply important that it does not dominate too much and does not overshadow the protected old environment.

The new state gymnasium follows all this and represents very high-quality modern architecture. Salto architects are known for their sensitive solutions, and even now they have divided the volume of the building into three gradually ascending parts, added a sloping roof to each of them in different directions and thereby visually reduced the building. The style is minimalistic but clever, leaving enough air and natural light indoors and a multi-use active space in the outdoor space, which remains open to all citizens and is an excellent addition to paide public space.

Elo Kiivet, Paide city architect

 Paide-Gymnasium stairs